Vocational Service Committee
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Vocational Service focuses on:
  • Adhering to and promoting the highest ethical standards in all occupations
  • Recognizing the value of all useful occupations, not just those that are pursued by Rotarians
  • Contributing one’s vocational talents to meeting the needs of the community

Fellow Rotarians, answer these questions regarding Vocational Service:

1. How Has your Rotary membership influenced how you do business and relate to the public community?
2. What do you feel that you could offer to Interact youth as a mentor? What would mentoring an Interact member for a year look like for you?
3. What have been your greatest challenges in living out Rotary principles in your workplace?

I'd like to have representatives of local government, education, health care and the local business community work with me on the Vocational Service Committee. If you would commit to meeting monthly for an hour and discerning together how our 4th Creek vocations can and will impact Iredell County, please let me know.   ralph.lepley@gmail.com


Ralph Lepley