Bill Kent & Logan Burchette spoke on the new robotics program coming into each of the Iredell Statesville Schools. Cyberkids Robotics is designed to have teams of 8 kids. They build robots with Legos to certain specs set by the program. This is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote & improve STEM education throughout North & South Carolina. STEM is science, technology, education & math. The teams learn how to solve problems & work together. Teams are very diverse with almost an equal number of females to males. One goal is to break the stereotype that girls don't like engineering. Elementary & middle schools work with robots while high schools work with drones. The goal is that the high schoolers learn rules & regulations in flying the drones that will allow them a federal license to fly one. Competitions are held annually for each school system Iredell will host one April 16 at Statesville High School. There will be 33 teams competing this year. You can find more information on